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We are a reliable logistics partner offering flexible services, individually tailored to each customer’s preference.

DT Transporte operates nationally as well as internationally, specializing in partial- and complete loads, including the carriage of dangerous goods. The experience we gained in the transport industry throughout the past 20 years allows us to be well equipped for all circumstances and local characteristics that we may face.

Our conceptions, tools and resources ensure that we are prepared to take the best possible approach for every task we are challenged with.

As a company we believe that the most important response to our work is that given by the market industry.

Professional transport and carriage

We offer an ideal and reliable transport solution for your goods.

  • Transports within Germany and Europe
  • Modern and safe vehicles
  • High flexibility to meet our customer’s individual needs
  • Optional double-staffing for urgent deliveries
  • Reliable selection and verification of subcontractors
  • Continuous and trustworthy supervision by the CSC (allocated carrier)
  • Transport- and cargo insurance
  • Transports with pallet exchange
  • Support for import and export
  • Partial- and complete loads, ADR and specialized transports

On the road with DT Transports

We serve our clients in Germany and many European countries, constantly developing and expanding our services.

Our consistently implemented standardization and rejuvenation of our fleet contributes towards an improved recognizability of our distinctive red Mercedes vehicles throughout Europe.

We offer a professional service to a diverse set of industries and provide each with a solution tailored to their individual needs.

Convince yourself why DT-Transporte is the best choice for you:

Flexible customer support: We are committed to your individual wishes
Experience in Germany and the European Market
High Quality Services
High Security Standards
Immediate Response to emerging Needs
Reliable and effective transportation of goods
Constantly expanding fleet
Ideal Price-Performance Ratio
New modern vehicles; emission standard Euro 5 – Euro 6
Regular maintenance of our vehicles by authorized Mercedes-Benz

10 key industries:

See for yourself! The following list of important industries that already make use of our transport services on a regular basis is proof of our experience.

Partial- and complete loads, ADR- and specialized transports for particular industries is carried out using our modern vehicles. Each order is completed to the highest international standards. A systematic evaluation of our services and a cooperative partnership with subcontractors allows a constant supervision of the performance we render on a daily basis.

Automotive industry

LCL Goods Transports

Chemical Industry, including dangerous goods (ADR)

Construction and HVAC industry

Steel Industry (Carriage of Steel and Steel Products)

Food Industry


Waste Transport

Wood and Furniture Industry

Transport of Intermediates for the Pharmaceutical Industry


High-performance vehicles as a basis for our transports

Mercedes Benz is a make of car that is valued for its reliable passenger cars as well as trucks. These German tractor units form the basis of our fleet at DT Transporte and provide the basis for our reliability and quality.

The technical condition of our fleet is excellent. Professional and authorized service technicians perform vehicle repairs and maintenance promptly – it is essential for our customers that we are capable of responding immediately in case of a failure en-route. We work on a 24-hour-basis to serve our clients in an emergency. Whether you require a service vehicle, the pick up of a defect truck or a replacement vehicle, we always provide what you may need.

Our customers have access to a fleet of 120 vehicles, including standard and MEGA trailers. Our newest vehicles meet the gas emission standard EURO 6, all others EURO 5. Curtain-type semi-trailers range from 2.7m to 3m in loading height.


A fleet of 120 vehicles with standard and mega trailers is available for customers of DT-Transporte. The tractors new to our fleet meet the Euro 6 exhaust gas emission standard and all other meet the Euro 5 exhaust gas emission standard. The vehicles are equipped with curtain-type semi-trailers with loading heights in the range of 2.7 to 3 metres.


Walking Floor

The specialist transport, using the moving floor system, has numerous applications: it can be used for bulk materials, such as sand or grain, up to palletised loads and waste. It should be emphasised that DT obtained all necessary permits for waste transport.

Self-loading trainers facilitate smooth loading and unloading. They also enable the Customer a flexible use of a vehicle during one round, for example, to transport bulk products during an outward drive and palletised goods on a return journey.

walking floor
walking floor
walking floor
walking floor

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We are looking forward to doing business with you!

We are happy to prepare a valuation of services and advise you in case of any doubts.
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